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Superman 1978 Movie Poster

This amazing 1978 movie poster shows the perfect balance of action and adventure that was perfect for the fans of the character. It is a perfect way to show off your collection of superman items and is available as a poster and as a jobbook.

Superman: The Movie Poster


Top 10 Superman 1978 Movie Poster

If you're looking for a product that'll make you smile, there's no better way to go than with superman 1978signed poster! This amazing poster features 12iegens signatures and comes in a beauty of a 12x8 inch perfect for anydisplay or greeting. Also comes with a user-friendly text on it about how this is your perfect casually for any occasion! superman 1978 is a popular movie released in america in 1978. It is a good movie that is very exciting. The action is kept up and the characters are very likable. The movie is about a man named superman who comes to the aid of the people. He is very impressive and makes a great story. The movie is over two hours long and has a very good story. this 1978 poster is of the classic movie superman, from the movies "the ipcletian legend" and "the dark knight". It is a modern re-creation of the ancient superman, with christopher reeve as the hero and a huge dc comics logo. This poster is a great addition to any superman collection! christopher reeve stars as the new man who can change the world, and he takes on the man of steel with strength and power. This 1978 poster is from the film's release day and shows off christopher reeve's new look and the democracy of the world that he can bring to the table.