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Halloween Movie Poster 1978

This 1978 poster for the popular halloween movie costs just $6. 99 and includes a 2-year subscription to popmatters.

Original Halloween Movie Poster

The halloween movie poster is one of the most important things to remember about the holiday. It will help people find you in case they are looking for you, and it will also help them avoid you if they are. here is the halloween movie poster! It is a beautiful design, and it will help people find you in case they are looking for you. It is also going to help people avoid you if they are.

Halloween 1978 Movie Poster

This 1978 poster is for halloween, the holiday festival honoring the revenant of halloween. The: halloween 1978 movie is set at an appropriations office on october 28th, 1978, where michael myers has taken over for the day. The poster is print and is a high quality 2-1/4 inch by 3 inch digital file. this is a michael myers and laurie strode respectively from 1978's halloween movie. The poster is made up of colorful prints made from a high quality white print paper. this 1978 vintage movie poster original is one- sheet signed by 7 of the most famous faces from the time period! They include cast members from star trek: the motion picture, deferring to today's popular stars and types. Plus, cast and crew from other halloween movies include. the 1978 carpenter movie poster! This is a beautiful 43x60 inch image full of dark halloween goodness! Plus, it's licensed and ready for market launch!